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I really like The Cross Stitcher magazine and I want to say "thank you, thank you" for the Tropic Skies design in the April 2006 issue. I had never done Bargello before and it was easy! I really didn't have to rotate the hoop, just the chart. It is off to the framer.

I had a stroke in 1995 so I have to cross-stitch one handed. I have a tri-pod table stand I rigged to hold my hoop. I cross-stitch about six to eight hours a day. My framer says I'm the best she's seen. I have several other projects just sitting there waiting to be stitched. Busy, busy, busy. Keep up the good job in your magazine.

-- Pat, Indiana

Dear Pat,

I can't imagine stitching with only one hand. But you have proven that you can cross-stitch no matter what. Thanks for sharing with me.

-- Karen

I, like you, tremendously enjoy stitching circles. We had one at our local shop where we would meet once a month for food, fellowship, and fun. Unfortunately our shop closed and we still try to meet but not as often. But now I have a new stitching group.

I got the bright idea to teach my 7th grade classes how to cross-stitch (I had recently become a DMC mentor). I had material that my former club had donated a couple of years ago when I wanted to do this. The shop that closed gave me some free charts to get them started.

We started on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning they were asking me if they could come to my room in the afternoon to work some more on their projects. Of course, I said yes.

I overheard a couple of them talking about going to the local youth center after school and working on it. I asked if I could meet them there and we cross-stitched for about an hour. It was SO much fun. While we were there I was talking about the circle I used to belong to and they said how much fun that would be. So we are going to start our own circle.

I firmly believe that children that age want and need to belong to something. To me, having a stitching club gives them a positive thing to belong to and something to keep their minds and hands busy.

-- Mary, Arkansas

Dear Mary,

I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience with us. Keep working for those kids and we will keep this art form alive for years to come.

-- Karen

One thing I'd like you to consider for a future issue or issues is a project that is stitched on very large, coarse fabric. You know something for those of us whose eyesight is beginning to slip. We still want to do cross-stitch. How 'bout something like a front door Christmas or Easter greeting.

-- Ruth, California

Dear Ruth,

I'm definitely going to ask for some designs for larger count fabric. Don't forget that you can stitch most designs on larger count fabric. Just remember that full cross-stitches work best on this fabric. Try stitching the Spook-tacular Greetings on 11-count fabric. I bet you will enjoy working it on that count.

-- Karen

One of my most favorite things to do each day is open my mail and read what you have to say about cross-stitch and The Cross Stitcher® magazine. If you would like to share your thoughts and projects with me, please drop me a line at or write to me at P.O. Box 178, Dallas Center, IA 50063.

Happy stitching!

Karen Smith, Editor

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